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Alya Rahim Doctor

A true scholar from the beginning, Dr. Rahim was the proud recipient of the Governor General’s Bronze Medal in 1996, recognizing scholastic excellence.

Her academic journey continued at Queen’s University, where she excelled in Life Science. Graduating with honours in 2000, she further marked her brilliance by securing a spot on the Dean’s List.

The drive to make a significant impact led her to the University of Toronto. By 2004, she graduated with honours from UofT Medicine and clinched the Excellence in Family Medicine Award the same year.

Not just limited to academics, Dr.Alya Rahim’s journey at Sunnybrook and Women’s College for her residency was just the beginning. Demonstrating her leadership and expertise, she served as the Chief Resident in Family Medicine from 2004 to 2006 at Sunnybrook Hospital.

In 2008, her teaching prowess was nationally recognized. She won the Department of Family and Community Medicine Undergraduate Education Program’s “Excellence in Teaching in the FMLE.” A nomination for this accolade by students and faculty speaks volumes of her dedication and impact in the world of medicine.

For Dr. Alya Rahim, preventative healthcare transcends merely extending lifespan; it’s about enhancing life’s quality through a personalized health plan aligned with individual goals. Her approach is collaborative, focusing on building physical strength, preventing illness, and promoting overall wellness, incorporating elements like fitness, nutrition, and mental health.

Inspired by Dr. Peter Attia’s Centenarian Decathlon concept, she emphasizes a proactive shift towards health and vitality, aiming for a life that remains active and vibrant through the years.

Dr. Rahim views this as a partnership with her patients, adapting strategies to ensure they enjoy a high quality of life, even into their golden years.

Among her numerous achievements, Dr. Alya Rahim considers being the mom of 2 wonderful children as her most honourable achievement.

Area of interest and consultant in Longevity, Preventive Healthcare, Fertility Counseling.